I-9 notaryI-9 Notary in Tucson


If you are looking for a notary in Tucson to be an authorized representative to verify identification for I-9 forms, please reach out to me directly at 520-230-2998.Then, I will be happy to meet with your employees and verify their identification.

This service in Arizona is not considered a notarial act, but often times organizations reach out to notaries to serve as authorized representatives. That way, you can be sure that your employee’s identity has been fully verified by a professional.

There is a flat fee for this service of $20. I can provide you with an electronic invoice that you can pay by credit card upon receipt of the invoice. You can set up a Net 10 payment arrangement with me, if volume is high enough.

If desired, I can make a copy of the completed I-9 form and return it to you directly. Afterward, we can process payment.

I-9 Notary: How it works

If you would like your employees to have an I-9 notary verify their identity and complete the I-9 form, please give me a call directly at 520-230-2998 or give my phone number to your employee. I will connect with them and arrange a time to complete the form. The whole process takes about 15 minutes.

I will always sign the I-9 form as “Authorized Representative” because that is how notaries have been directed to complete the form. Please make sure your employee has your company’s full address.

Looking forward to working with you!